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Country Club & Golf Club Foodservice Breading Suppliers

Your country club members have high expectations. We’ll make sure they won’t be disappointed. Create unforgettable dishes in your country club or golf club that keep your members coming back for more with Wynn’s Grain & Spice’s breading.

Our seafood and chicken breading foodservice breading supplies are consistent in their ability to offer delicious recipes every time. From mild to hot spice, we have spice levels and flavor profiles for every customer who walks in the door! Our chicken breading for country clubs includes the following flavors:

How Wynn’s Can Help by Supplying Chicken Breading for Country Club Restaurants

As a leading foodservice chicken breading supplier, Wynn’s can help your buying process in several ways. Country club buyers can guarantee that they are getting consistent product each time they buy from Wynn’s. We pride ourselves on the quality of our product, offering time-tested fried chicken breading and a strong commitment to Southern flavor. Secondly, Wynn’s provides a reliable supply solution.

How to Market Fried Chicken to Your Customers

Partnering with Wynn’s offers access to over 60 years of expertise, which means maximizing your prepared chicken program. Running an exclusive country club can take up a lot of time, and our program ensures you have one less thing to worry about. Whether you are a single or multi-unit operator, we are ready to provide you with the guidance and service needed to enhance your menu offerings today. Wynn’s is more than a supplier and offers our operational and marketing expertise every step of the way.

Benefits to Buying Fried Chicken Breading in Bulk

Buying food in bulk is a practical option for saving money in the long-term for any business, and it’s especially cost-saving in the foodservice, restaurant and country club industry. Food can take up a lot of a club’s costs, so finding less expensive ways to buy it is in the best interest of owners.

Fried chicken breading is our specialty. Our recipes have been passed down from generation to generation for the past 65 years. Wynn’s breading and batters are the heart of our business. Looking for quality golf and country club chicken breading suppliers? Your search is over with Wynn’s. Contact us to learn more!