Wynn's Grain and Spice

Conventional Seasoning

Great tasting and versatile, Wynn’s seasoning spices are a perfect complement to any chef’s kitchen. Apply generously prior to roasting or use as a flavor kick to fried chicken, the options are endless. Browse all of our blends below!

Wynn’s Seasoning Spice BBQ Blend brings the flavors of traditional slow-cooked Southern barbecue straight to your kitchen. With notes of hickory and a sweet finish, this blend is an ode READ MORE

With a kick of red pepper, Wynn’s Seasoning Spice Cajun Blend brings just the right amount of spice. Paired with notes of parsley, garlic, and onion this blend brings the READ MORE

Our most popular blend, Wynn’s Chipotle Blend brings the heat with a smoky chipotle pepper base. With bold flavors of Worcestershire, garlic and onion, Chipotle Blend finishes with a sweet READ MORE

Wynn’s Seasoning Spice Garlic & Herb Blend balances robust taste without the heat of our spicier blends. Garlic & Herb Blend offers hints of garlic, rosemary, and parsley with a READ MORE

Wynn’s Seasoning Spice Lemon & Pepper Blend has an invigorating, refreshing taste. Lemon & Pepper Blend is a balance between zesty, lemon aromas, and black pepper and garlic notes. The READ MORE

Wynn’s Seasoning Spice Tuscan Herb Blend echoes the traditional Italian flavors of basil, sage, and rosemary with a subtle citrus twist. A fresh, light flavor suited for the most discerning READ MORE

A savory mix of Italian flavors of basil, garlic & oregano. Our flavorful Italian Blend goes perfectly with chicken. We've been supplying foodservice companies our Italian Blend rub for decades.

A well-rounded all-purpose blend with notes of garlic, salt & a dash of paprika makes for juicy, flavorful meat and poultry. This blend also tastes great as a topping to READ MORE

This traditional flavor duo is the versatile blend that your kitchen needs. Delicious on the protein or vegetable of choice or as a flavor boost to your favorite recipe.

Spicy & full of flavor, Salt & Red Pepper Blend will give your protein or vegetable of choice a delicious kick of heat.

Herbaceous with warm garlic notes & visible red pepper flakes. Try our Mediterranean seasoning blend today. The herbs, spices and other savory flavors will make your chicken the best around!

Wynn’s Peruvian Blend brings the flavors of traditional Peruvian spit-roasted chicken to your kitchen. Warm, savory flavors, and a semi-sweet spice punch of garlic work great on the protein or READ MORE