Filter Fresh

Shortening Life Extender

Product Description

Wynn’s Filter Fresh is formulated to extend the life of your fryer’s shortening. These easy-to-use packets boost the filtering power of your fryer by efficiently removing carbon deposits, fatty acids, and sediment from your shortening. With Wynn’s Filter Fresh, fried foods have never tasted better.

Chicken Expert Tip

Delicious fried foods start with quality shortening. Using Wynn’s Fryer Fresh extends the life of your shortening which will save you money and deliver consistent, great-tasting dishes to your customers.

Support Tools for Filter Fresh

Filter Fresh is your bulk product solutions for fryer cleanliness. Wynn’s Kitchen Professional tools are designed to ensure fryer and shortening cleanliness and help in creating consistent, great tasting foods. Request more information about Filter Fresh today. 

Pack Sizes Available

  • 30 CT Packet Bulk Box