Wynn's Grain and Spice

All Natural Seasonings

Our all-natural seasonings are made from simple ingredients, but with bold flavors. The all-natural seasoning blends range from mild to spicy options and are great for rotisserie-style chicken, but can also be used to sprinkle on top of French fries, vegetables and fried chicken.

All Natural Smokehouse BBQ blend is extra sweet, extra spicy and full of simple, crowd-pleasing ingredients.

All Natural Spicy Chipotle seasoning blend is bold and smoky with a sweet finish.

All Natural Garlic Parmesan seasoning blend is a mix of bold cheese flavor and texture with the visual appeal of herbs and garlic.

All Natural Savory Herb seasoning blend is an appealing blend of rosemary, basil, and other spices with a peppery kick. Hints of salt create a balanced blend.

Wynn’s Sea Salt & Red Pepper Blend seasoning will give your protein or vegetable of choice a delicious kick of heat.