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Low Country Style Breading

Warm, savory notes of pepper and garlic, this brings the best flavors of the bay.

Product Description

Like the culinary tradition that gives this chicken breading its name, Wynn’s Low Country Style Breading is marked by the warmth of peppers and garlic. This aromatic blend is recommended for all proteins and vegetables wherever a taste of the sea-kissed South is needed.

Chicken Expert Tip

Customer pallets differ regionally, particularly when it comes to heat and salt level preferences. For example, customers in the South typically have a higher tolerance for heat. Low Country Style breading has a hint of warmth that is typical of a Southern-style breading.

Support Tools for Low Country Style Breading

As chicken experts, we want to be more than just a supplier to you! We’ll provide you with the support and tools you need to maximize your prepared fried chicken program including preparation guides, digital training videos, and operational consulting. Request more information about Low Country Style Breading today.

Pack Sizes Available

  • 25 LB BULK BAG

Perfect For

Fried Chicken, Vegetables, Potato Wedges & more.