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Fiery Hot Breading

Heat that builds with a lot of flavor

Product Description

Wynn’s Grain and Spice Fiery Hot Breading brings the heat as our signature spicy blend. Most popular with customers in the American South and West, this recipe is perfect for a customer base that favors heat. Balanced out by the finest grains, our Fiery Hot Breading brings intensity to fried chicken without offending milder palates. This blend exemplifies how seriously we take our commitment to taste.

Chicken Expert Tip

Heat is one of those things that can be so subjective and differs from region to region. Spicy can mean so many different things to different people. Our Fiery Hot Breading has heat that builds and that is balanced by a light and crispy finish. Get in touch with a chicken expert to learn more about our full list of spicy breading offerings.

Support Tools for Fiery Hot Breading

As chicken experts, we want to be more than just a supplier to you! We’ll provide you with the support and tools you need to maximize your prepared fried chicken program including preparation guides, digital training videos, and operational consulting. Request more information about Fiery Hot Breading today.

Pack Sizes Available

  • 25 LBS. Bulk Bag

Perfect For

Fried Chicken, Vegetables, Potato Wedges & more.